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Here are some screen shots from Perl Chat 0.0.8
The first is one of a single client. In this screenshot you see the view from user penguinboy. The list of names on the right hand side of the window is the "buddy list", and the IRC-like left hand window is where all the messages are displayed. Messages that are global (every user sees them) are displayed as 'user: message'. Private messages are displayed like this '[user]: message' on the receiving side of the message and like this '[user]->[recipient]: message' on the originating side of the message. You can send a global message by selecting 'File'->'Global Message' or by typing into the 'Global Message:' Entry box at the bottom of the window and pressing enter. Private messages can similarly be sent by double clicking on the buddies name and filling in the info requested on the resulting popup window.

The second is one of the server starting up in console mode. Now I admit that there is nothing sexy, let alone interesting about this shot. However it does give you a feel for the server.

The third shot is one of an entire desktop with two clients and a server running. Notice the clients are GUI (courtesy of the Tk module), and the server runs in console mode. You cannot yet tell from the window titles but the client on the left is logged in as "penguinboy" and the client on the right is logged in as "castro". (This info was found by reading the format of the messages that each has received. This shot also shows the options in the 'File' menubutton as well as my utterly boring window manager. (Cut me some slack, I am at work in this shot :) ).

The fourth and final shot is another view of the desktop. This view shows the configurable options Perl Chat currently has which can be saved to disk (as a '.perlchatrc' file) and the 'About' menubuttons contents. The one thing that I have not yet shown is the private message send window, and that can be found by looking at an older screenshot of Perl Chat 0.0.6.

Last Modified: August 18, 2000 by Torrance Jones